Technology Platform

Technology platform

Cali Biosciences has multiple patented drug delivery technology platforms. All of our patented technology platforms have significant advantages in the field of new drug R&D, especially in the field of formulation development, mainly in solving the problem of poor solubility of drug APIs, enhancing the effectiveness of drugs and slow-release capabilities.
The current clinical product pipelines are all incubated from the following two main technology platforms: "PG-Depot" technology platform and "ClearSol" technology platform.

"PG-Depot" technology platform: long-acting phospholipid gel, a multi-functional parenteral drug delivery platform, suitable for applications that require sustained release of small molecules, peptides and proteins for 1-7 days, by Injecting drugs into soft tissues or body cavities within a short period of time to achieve a customizable drug release profile. It can be injected with a fine needle up to 28g, and it is easy to manage with an auto-injector or a pen-type injector.

The main advantages and features of the PG-Depot technology platform are:

  • Sustained release for 1-7 days.
  • Compatible with small molecules, peptides and proteins, and with good safety.
  • Up to 20% drug load.
  • Single phase, easy to use and easy to produce.

The "ClearSol" technology platform is a broad-spectrum, efficient and safe solubilization patented technology that can significantly improve the solubility, stability and bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

The main advantages and features of the ClearSol technology platform are:

  • Widely applicable, and can be used for various drug structures or moieties (small molecules, peptides, and proteins).
  • With strong solubilizing ability, and can provide a drug solubilization ability that is several times to hundreds of times higher than that of cyclodextrin and other solubilizers.
  • With good safety after human subcutaneous injection.